Meet the Creators.


Viv turned 57, trained to be a florist and bought a flower shop! After a life-long love of family and flowers, it was time to share the magic. "I feel very fortunate to not only work with flowers everyday but to sprinkle them into the lives of others". Viv is well known for her truly treasured client base, most of which has been built on friendship, community, loyalty, and connections over many years. 

SHHHHH! Viv's love for foliage and foraging might mean she pops up unexpectedly in your back yard. Just ignore her. She will try her hardest not to leave a trace



Tina, the organised, tidy one. The reserved one. Quietly spoken, but loud in creativity and detail. Tina has an abundance of years experience in the floristry industry. Her connections with people and the flowers they love are precise and thoughtful. 




Our unconventional, straight shooting influence. Anna is our champion of communications, marketing and social connections. No florist but a lover of flowers and all things beautiful.  

SHHHHH! Anna is known to be the unorthodox child and friend. Resilient and kind, while carefully navigating her way through life guided by her mother's words of wisdom... Ask for forgiveness, not permission (Thanks Viv x). 


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